Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Search Engine with Perks

There are so many options for a search engine these days. Some are better than others but I only know of one that has a perk to it. Have you tried Swagbucks yet?
As you use Swagbucks, there are ways to earn points. You can take a poll, look through offers, watch videos, search online, play games, shop, and a bunch of other options. There are a number of things you can use your points for; purchasing goods, playing games, getting gift cards, and more. I don't see it as a particularly strong search engine but to look for fairly normal things or to even use it as a launch pad and type in the sites you already go to, it's fine. You can collect your points and redeem them when you want.

My personal favorite are the Amazon gift cards. If you're diligent about your point accumulation you can make a decent dent in your holiday shopping bill! How can you complain about getting a little something for doing things you do online anyway? :)