Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trash to Treasure: Candle Lantern to Bird Feeder

I'm throwing a few little Trash to Treasure projects out here. If you're frugal because you have to be or because you want to be, this is where I find myself hating to spend money, on things that are not necessities but luxuries and costly ones at that. So I find ways to use things that I stumble across that other people have no use for and I can turn into something super cute.
A friend of mine had this high quality candle lantern sitting on her porch collecting spiders and webs because one of the glass panes had broken. I sometimes forget that not everyone has the creative gene or the patience to repurpose such treasures. So what shall become of ye oh lantern...

The first thing I did was knock out the remainder of the glass pane. There is a door on the opposite side of the broken window allowing easy access for whatever I do to this broken side.

Once I knocked the glass out, I decided to bring out some popsicle sticks and see if I couldn't get a little picket fence going. I then glued the pieces together and sprayed them with a similar bronze color.

I then visited my dollar store and picked up some moss, one of those little mesh paperclip cups, some decals, and a solar stake light. The light was just small enough to fit inside the handle opening and I used no shortage of hot glue to secure it! :) Finally I placed the decals on the windows, the paperclip cup in the center, supported it with some moss, added some seed, and put it out to solar charge! Here's the final result.

I may take out the bird seed cup and see if this will be used as a nesting box for a little mommy bird. :)