Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars aren't cheap. But they are very attractive and I can't help but gravitate towards them when I do see them. So with a little Pinterest inspiration, I set off to create my own. I did not do a good job with the photo documentary part but you'll get the idea.
Dollar Store Shopping list:
2 Candle stick holders
1 medium votive candle holder
2 jars in different sizes
Amount: $5.00
On hand:
Spray paint of choice
E6000 glue
Optional: Chalk board paint
First, paint the tops of your jars and the candle sticks with your colored paint (if you're using one). Now, on the short jars, they did not have a 'handle knob' on it so I made a really poor one with a couple of different sized glass beads and glued them on before I painted. Let them dry overnight because we can not have soft paint there.

Painted candle stick with separate votive holders

While those are drying, use the chalk board paint to make a label area on each one, if the design allows.
Finally, use a good amount of glue and secure the candle stick to the bottom of your votive holder and/or jars. Once it's dry, you should be all set.
I used a textured metallic bronze on the one, and an oil rubbed black on the other. I love them both!