Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to the Idiot's Guide to Couponing!

First, congrats on refusing to pay retail! Once you get the hang of things, I promise you will have the skills to save at least 75% off your grocery bill and/or pay less than $1 per item on average! Let's get to a few early steps.

Here are a few preliminary steps you can take before diving head first:
1. Decide on one primary Drug Store and one primary Grocery store to concentrate on.
2. Call or go online and familiarize yourself with their specific coupon policies at the locations you will be shopping at.
3. Find out what competitors they accept!
4. Note what days the ad cycles begin and end.
5. Create a separate email account specific to couponing. You'll thank me later!
6. Subscribe yourself to their ad notices via email. Subscribers get the ad previews early in many cases so this allows you a couple extra days to get your trip in order.
7. While I will be touching on the different coupon organizational methods, have a bit of fun making a pro's and con's list on the methods you know about and begin brainstorming on the methods that will work for you!

There's a brief 7 steps to keep you busy! I'll see you next time!