Sunday, August 11, 2013

Repurpose Your Trash Boxes into Storage Boxes....

Saving money efforts are only as good as our imaginations. So I will be sharing my repurposed, upcycled, and cheap creations along the way.
It never really dawns on us to use our 'trash' from things like cereal boxes, or in this case, dog treats. But I had been keeping these boxes and using them for silly things like a lint bin in the laundry room when I clean out the dryer. When I went to the Dollar Store, I saw this cute black and white rose contact paper for shelves, drawers, and the like. I got a roll of it not knowing what I would use it for. Well, I used it and here's how it came out!
The contact paper being white didn't offer 100% coverage and to do it again I may just spray paint the box with a coat of cheap white paint first since there is some shading that can be seen. Also, I would do this indoors instead of outside while my husband mowed the grass. Hind sight... right? :)
The lid I painted technically twice. This one had depressed lettering in it so I first used a textured paint I had on hand to basically fill in the lettering. Then once that dried, I used a flat black. But you could also fill in lettering with good old Elmer's and then paint over it once it's good and dry. I haven't exactly figured out what I'll be using it for, thank you notes and cards maybe?

But overall, this came out adorable! I will be doing up some magazine boxes here soon so I'll post that project as well!