Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flattered and Thanks!

After the last post, I received a few responses stating they constantly use this blog as a reference for both themselves and to help their friends and family. I had no idea! Well I best revive this and keep up the obligation I didn't know I had! ;)

So the question I ask myself is, I've covered most of the coupon how-to's, where do I go from here? This is where I stumped myself as a newbie blogger before and why you haven't seen anything since. I allowed this blog to continue to be a guide for folks and it apparently has served that exact purpose but truthfully, I didn't know what else to blog about in the great world of coupons. The Idiot's Guide to Couponing was just that and only that and this chick was tapped out in her navigation.

But now evolution and inspiration are back and... well, I think I know the next steps. Saving 'outside the box (of coupons)'. So in the days and weeks ahead, I will post other ways to stay FRUGALLY RESPONSIBLE! I'm thinking this will include some recipes utilizing stored foods, preserving foods and canning, crafting and upcycling, maybe even gardening, some great finds in online deals, and whatever else this cheap skate... I mean frugally responsible girl thinks is penny saving. Oh the options are endless.

In the meantime, if there is something you ARE lacking from other saving sites, please drop a comment or an email and let me know!

Happy saving my friends!