Thursday, April 21, 2011

STEP 6: Coupon Greed and Databases!

Now that you've got the overall idea of how to use the coupons, you may find yourself wanting MORE coupons. Don't worry, we've all been there. And admittingly some of us stay there! :)

As previously mentioned, there are online sources for you to pick through. They are:
If you're still on the hunt for coupon, there are additional places to check out. Magazines are good for a coupon here or there or if you want to get serious about it, you can look into purchasing a subscription or two to AllYou magazine. They are the #1 magazine for coupons with over $50 in coupons in each issue.

Additional options are check your product packages at home and look for coupons there. Sign yourself up on your favorite brands' websites and you'll receive coupons by email. (Remember to set up a special couponing email address!) If you don't have a Facebook account, you might wanna get one because companies are using Facebook to promote as well and you will frequently get coupons from their fan pages.

When you still have a coupon you haven't found, you can search a coupon database! Yes we have those! :) My two favorites are:
I have found these two to be the most thorough but there are plenty out there to pick through. You simply enter the brand and product you're looking for and it will show you if a coupon exists for that item and where it can be found. It's extremely handy!!!

Last but not least, when there's a must have item on sale with a coupon you don't have, you can buy coupons at a number of different sites. Ebay is my preferred first source. When searching ebay, I recommend filtering your results by distance and purchasing from the nearest party if you're in a hurry! Other options are:
Tomorrow, we will talk about setting up your first shopping trip!